Racism is not just a black and white issue. I grew up hearing racial taunts from whites and from blacks who mocked and ridiculed my Asian features. My smaller, almond shaped eyes, flatter and rounder face, shorter stature. Even when I went to Kenya on a mission trip, I was mocked by the Africans for being Asian. When we focus on the skin color, difference of appearance, we miss the heart of what racism is really about. It’s about fear that causes division; a desperate need to be better than someone to validate our own insecurities of not being enough. It’s hatred fueled by fear, ignorance and selfish ego.

The solution is not in governmental policies. The solution is within the church. Apostle Paul said that when we are filled with Holy Spirit, we no longer see each other in the flesh. We see each other according to the Spirit. When the church can actually be the salt and light and transform culture with Kingdom values, there’s enough of us to truly change the world. Instead, we’re playing the same political games, crying foul and demanding our rights at the slightest hint of persecution and busily accusing one another for holding different theological beliefs.

Jesus said they will know us by our love. Historically, the church learned love in times of persecution. Love for one another and love for the world. Evangelism hits its’ highest point during times of persecution. Let this generation be different. Let this time be different. Let us learn from history and let Jesus be Jesus IN us first. Yes, we must first be like Jesus and be genuine in our love. I’m tired of rhetoric. I’m tired of reading articles analyzing the current state of affairs. At the risk of sounding simplistic and naive I’m going to say what the world needs. It’s not more spirituality. Its not more Christians. It’s more spiritual people actually living the surrendered life to Christ they claim on Sunday mornings. No more part time Christianity. Let Jesus be revealed in us and through us. He truly is the answer.