Soorin Backer

Soorin Backer Ministries: Healing the Bride
 “Establishing Freedom and True Identity in Jesus Christ”

Soorin is intensely passionate about seeing the captives and the prisoners set free.  Isaiah 61 has become a personal mandate from The Lord. Her calling in life is to reveal the heart of The Father who loves with such fierce passion His goodness can never be overestimated.  Having personally experienced the freedom and the love of Jesus Christ, she utilizes her education, her years of serving in ministry, and her own personal testimony to dismantle the lies of the enemy to establish each person’s true identity in Christ.  While much of her ministry is personal in nature, corporate healing of the Body of Christ has become her main focus.

Words most commonly used to describe her teaching style are Spirit-filled, intense, passionate, dynamic, revelatory and transformational. Her prophetic insights and words over individuals and churches have led to lives being transformed and communities restored.  Her prophetic ministry is increasingly marked with signs, wonders, and miracles.  Her listeners are challenged to surrender to Holy Spirit and live a genuine life of intimacy with God.

Soorin attended Fuller Theological Seminary in the Ph.D. Program for Clinical Psychology and completed two graduate degrees: Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology and Master of Arts in Theology. She served as a youth pastor for several years before resigning to focus on raising her family. She has served as a college professor, TV show host, and women’s ministry leader while forming her own ministry named Soorin Backer Ministries, Inc. or SBM.

Currently, “Soorin” radio program is airing in fourteen states on seventeen radio stations across the U.S.A. and is available for world wide streaming.  Her radio program focuses on in-depth Bible teaching while equipping Christians for healthy living.  She serves as a co-leader for Christian Women In Media for Oregon and has a conference ministry called “Pearls of Hope.”  She also serves as a consultant for Hope Ranch Ministry which rescues victims of human trafficking, visits inmates in prison, and teaches at a homeless shelter each month.  She authored, “The Women in Jesus’ Life” and speaks at retreats and conferences. Soorin is happily married to Dr. Jonathan Backer and they are blessed with four beautiful children.

8 thoughts on “Soorin Backer”

  1. Chanda Gulick said:

    Hello. I am the coordinator for the ladies fall retreat for the Ontario First church of the Nazarene womens ministry. We are having our two day retreat at the Ashley Inn in Cascade, Idaho October 16-18. I’m expecting around 40-50 women. I am looking for a speaker… A woman who can minister to the ladies and encourage and strengthen their walk with God. I look forward to hearing from you if you’re interested! Thank you.

  2. Craig Bastin said:

    I was utterly astounded as I caught about 5 minutes of you speaking such glorious immaculate truth on wwnl Pittsburgh, Pa..The Almighty blessed One,bless you as you continue to proclaim these fundamental glorious liberating truths.I had begun 23 years ago to become free in the Grace and Truth of Jesus Christ, yet was not aware of the depth of rooted Legalism in my mind, so liberation has been progressive but difficult. Blessed be the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ for He has been expediting my understanding of “it is for freedom that you have been set free” as well as the reasons people act out in many rebellious behaviors.My heart rejoiced beyond words as I listened ,and my spirit rejoiced in God my Saviour.Philippians 2:1&2.

    • It’s been a journey for me as well to walk in the freedom Jesus died and rose to give us. Thank you so much for your encouragement. God bless you with continuing joy and peace as you live free.

  3. Don Hodel said:

    Last Saturday , January 9, the message that was given on K ER I in Bakersfield blessed me beyond what you could imagine. I got into my car and turn the radio on and the words I heard were as if God was speaking directly to me. How can I listen to this program again and or get a copy of it?

    • We are currently working on developing a resource center for all our previous teachings as there has been requests for them. I’m so blessed to know The Lord ministered to you through our radio program. May His Presence bring you greater awareness of His love. Please check our website in a month or so. We should have the resource center open by then.

  4. Kathleen Sickles said:

    An old friend, Gail Thacker is in Kenya at an orphanage and mentioned that many of the children have no shoes. I was given the link to your page to help me determine how we can give to provide shoes for the children. I can be reached on FaceBook at Kathleen Graham Sickles or my personal email at Thank you for your help in this mission.

  5. Harun Musungu said:

    Hello Rev. Soorin,
    Greetings from Kenya,this is Harun Musungu,I am writing to inform you that your ministry has touched many lives and brought a great impact. I have been able to meet with many who attended the conference at Kiminini Kitale.

    Many testify of physical healing,emotional healing from Gail’s teaching. Marriages have been restored,especially men who have started to serve their wives and families,blessings to you and the team.Harun

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