God Is Shifting You Into Higher Gear

I had a vivid vision that I have to share today. As I was worshiping and praying, I heard the sound of an engine revving up really high. Then, I saw a huge gear shift. The hand of the Lord came down and shifted the gear into a higher level. As the gear shift went into effect, the engine noise quieted to a normal sound.

This season, some of you have maximized your potential where you are. When you drive a vehicle with manual transmission, you learn to watch and listen for the engine revving too high for the gear you’re driving at. As soon as you discern that the engine has maximized its’ capacity for the speed you’re driving, you shift into higher gear to reach the next level of speed and efficiency.

The frustration you’re feeling is the restraint of your territory. You have maximized where you are. And God is allowing you to feel that restraint, the high tension of maximal capacity.


He is now pushing the clutch and shifting you into a higher level of capacity.

You will adjust to this new level of promotion quickly for you’ve been trained and equipped for this very season. Watch as huge shifts happen around you relationally and circumstantially. And move into higher gear where you will run the race with greater capacity.

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