Not for the Intellectual Conquest but to Point Us to the Author
When we mistake knowing God’s Word for knowing Him, we run the risk of becoming Pharisees.  Our salvation is not in the knowledge of God’s written Word.  It is in the Person of Jesus Christ who became “WORD in the flesh.”  Without the guidance of the Holy Spirit aiding us in the study of God’s Word, we can become religious without having a true, dynamic, growing, intimate relationship with the Author of the Holy Writ.  God’s intention in giving us the Bible is so that we would know Him.  Not so that we would know the book.  The purpose of the Bible is to point us to the Author.  If we think the point of studying the Bible is to know the Bible, then we have truly missed the point of the greatest revelation given to man.  
     Thank God He loves us so much that He desires to be known by us.   Thank God that He gave us the written WORD so that we would look up and recognize the One who calls us to know Him, be known by Him, and know true love.
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